Holiday Shopping!

No Matter How 
Tough the Journey,
Recovery is Worth the Wait.

My new job had me working 24 hours for the first time ever !
Holiday Bagels!
& I went on a proper shopping trip this afternoon with momma ..some people following watching was involved..
From AE:
also in charcoal

only $30 !
Then to Bath&Body works...got like 20 hand sanitizers 
& some lotion..for my friends of course (:
On the way home, my mom & I tried a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar...I've tried to make them in the past, but this was my first real version and I thought it was dry and too peanut-y :\ guess it'll go in my oatmeal haha

For dinner I made Trader Joe's Tempeh, sugar snap peas, 
and rice w/ chili sauce & Kikkoman teriyaki marinade...
Finished the night watching Cowboys & Aliens
-but didn't finish because we were all so tired!

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