Do one thing every day that scares you.

Sorry for the wait~ life goes by so fast! & I unconsciously forget to document it :(
Would you like me to recap the past months?

June- naught

July- People to People European adventure!

I didn't want it to end!
Toured through Italy, France, & England.. used all the French I have learned, stayed with a blind girl in a small city, saw many things for probably the only time, mais pas de romance. haha

August- I didn't expect my ED to follow me to Europe, but it did, to my dismay.. I thought that I was being rational avoiding all animal products-and so my absurdity led to an entire month in an intensive outpatient for EDNOS :(
 I was in denial for almost the entire program, but I wanted to get back to normalcy because I was missing out on field hockey and wanted family support. 

September- Did not get exercise privileges back, though was never that type before all of this.

October- I forget, but it probably involved lots of arguing about halloween candy towards the end.

November- We moved into mom's boyfriend's house on a cattle farm...whoo-hoo...How ironic? Ended with a stomach virus 
...why has my attitude suddenly turned so pessimistic???

December- I started work at a grocery store! Enjoying the atmosphere here- everyone's in a good mood because of the unusually nice weather we've been experiencing (besides today, it was raining.. haha) Also, not feeling any anxiety about the people I will be interacting with, yay!

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