Over the Weekend

(Frost warning until May 15. Why can't I escape Jersey?? It was unusually cold, maybe because friday was the day i decided to wear shorts for the first time this season. After watching my younger brother's baseball game, we made a quick stop in town, before getting dropped off at my friend's for a sleepover. It's important to have at least a small group of friends throughout high school, because we are so easily misguided (ha ha).
Saturday, my mom and I drove into town to pick up dog food and go procrastination shopping (:
I got Clif bars, a wood bowl, vinegar, a shirt, and coconut milk & walnuts to make these almost sinful treats. Then we drove to see my mom's boyfriend at the fields.
Sunday was a mad race to get the house ready for the open house. We moved to the Delaware riverside 6 years ago! I secretly wish that we stay here at least until after I go to college.
Mondays are always boring...dinner was good- leftover coconut lentil soup w/ cornbread from veganomicon.

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